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One of the most legendary and storied neighborhoods of Birmingham is Woodlawn.  It is a community, anchored by one of the great public high schools of Birmingham, that has produced many citizens who contributed to the life of our city and has had an impact beyond the neighborhood itself.  In a short post like this true justice cannot be done to the rich heritage and legacy of Woodlawn.  However, we hope that this narrative brings together many of the diverse threads that make up the fabric of the community’s historic arc in a concise piece. 

Driving Generational Progress in Woodlawn: The Legacy of the Imperial Family!

For decades, the Tombrella family has played an integral part of the Woodlawn community. Since their arrival in the 80s, their businesses along First Avenue North have become familiar landmarks, including the Imperial Dry Cleaners, chiropractic clinic, laundromat, and even a charming bridal boutique, Imperial Formal Wear. This family has been committed to helping Woodlawn grow and continues to support their neighborhood to this day.

It’s showtime at the Woodlawn Theater!

Lights, Camera, Action! The rebirth of the Woodlawn Theater is happening this weekend in the heart of Woodlawn. The theater is opening its doors to the public with two extraordinary opening events that are FREE to the public. The 1400 square foot venue has a wide range of amenities and even has a full-service bar. Because of the Mason Music Foundation, this venue is filling a much needed resource for local musicians to perform. Keep reading to discover how the theater came back to life and its impact on the community.

Woodlawn’s own legend: Dr. Henry Panion

There’s a legend working in Woodlawn. Meet Dr. Henry Panion III, world-renowned producer, composer, arranger, conductor, and educator, with his record label and studio right off 55th place. Dr. Panion has traveled all around the globe performing and leading famous orchestras and even touring with Stevie Wonder. But somehow, Birmingham keeps calling him back home. Find out more about how Dr. Panion has made an impact in the Birmingham community.

Meet the family who brought the Woodrow Hall back to life!

Have you ever driven past Woodrow Hall on 1st avenue and wondered what it was? Woodrow Hall is an all-inclusive historic banquet hall/wedding venue located in the heart of Woodlawn. Built in 1914, Woodrow has changed ownership multiple times and has been everything from a doctor’s office to a hair salon. Now, the event space has been restored to its historic beauty, where it has hosted weddings, baby showers, quinceañeras, and even masquerade balls!

Check out what’s POPPING in Woodlawn with Tanesha Sims-Summers!

Have you tried Naughty But Nice Kettle Corn, located right outside of downtown? With over eight different flavors to choose from, NBNKC is the perfect snack to satisfy your sweet OR salty tooth. NBNKC is more than just popcorn; Tanesha Sims-Summers, owner and founder, believes, “We make Birmingham sweeter one kernel at a time.