Taking a virtual stroll through Woodlawn Marketplace

Want an inside look at all the fun products featured at Woodlawn Marketplace? It’s your lucky day! Bekah Fox is here to take you on a virtual tour of the marketplace and tell you a little bit more about each of our talented vendors.

Woodlawn Street Market vendor SoulSistah3.0 growing, diversifying and making a difference in her community

It all started after Tamica Banks stumbled upon a Jamaican earring artist in Atlanta. The earrings were bursting with bright colors and beautiful patterns, and Banks felt drawn to the art.  Her admiration for the Jamaican jewelry sparked an idea for an Africa-inspired artistic business of her own.   In 2017, Banks founded SoulSistah3.0—making and selling hand-painted earrings, authentic earrings from Ghana and wood-burn earrings. Newer to her brand are natural skin and hair care products and t-shirts. Her business is centered around community, culture and sisterhood, promoting literacy to at-risk youth within the Birmingham community.   “I wanted to start a business to […]

10 tips before you vend at Woodlawn Street Market

A vibrant product of the partnership between REV Birmingham and Woodlawn Business Association, Woodlawn Street Market is a platform for local entrepreneurs to launch their businesses and interact with customers while also adding some extra fun to downtown Woodlawn.   Since 2014, more than 500 Birmingham entrepreneurs have used this business-proving opportunity to start small, test strategies, and perfect their models […]

How the Woodlawn Business Association is supporting business owners and strengthening community

Woodlawn Business Association is much more than a membership for business owners who open in Woodlawn—it’s a network, a resource, and a big team of community cheerleaders. Currently, around 35 businesses are members of the Woodlawn Business Association; more community partners, neighborhood residents, and precinct representatives regularly join meetings. The WBA meets five times a […]

What’s a toolshare and how you can help build the Woodlawn Toolbox

REV’s Woodlawn Urban Main Community Facilitator Jason Avery is focused on helping the community’s legacy business owners thrive in the growing Woodlawn commercial district. His work on Woodlawn facade refreshes, like the one at The Shoppes of Wood Station, led him to a new idea to expand impact to the whole district: a toolshare. What’s […]

Meet Commonspace: Woodlawn’s newest collaborative, innovative space for artists

There’s no end to the artistic talent in Woodlawn. Now, there’s Commonplace, a new space aiming to offer creatives a place to both make and showcase their work. We recently asked Commonspace owner Jared Fulton a few questions about the new facility: Can you describe your new space? Commonplace is a collective of creatives working […]

Announcing The 2021 Season Of Spaced-out Woodlawn Street Markets (Plus Call For Vendor Applications)!

Our Woodlawn Street Market team is planning a full 2021 season of spaced-out markets starting in April to provide safe opportunities to support Birmingham makers!  The schedule is set and vendor applications are open for the 2021 Woodlawn Street Markets, now in its eighth season on 55th Place.   A vibrant product of the partnership between REV Birmingham and Woodlawn Business Association, Woodlawn Street Market provides a platform for local entrepreneurs to launch their businesses and […]